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When looking at the different options we have when looking into how to quit smoking, the obvious questions arise: what part of any success is due to the behavioral support and other interventions, and which of those different interventions were most effective?

We don’t have answers, and it is unlikely that any will emerge, as the miscellany of potential non-drug treatments cannot compete with the massive lobbies of the pharmaceutical industry from which NRT products and anti-depressant drugs are supplied.

A variety of behavioral smoking cessation programs are available. Lando et al found that the quit rates with the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society programs were 16 and 22 per cent respectively, at one year. Of course not many smokers are willing to attend classes over a period, which this method involves, so relatively few benefit anyway.

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More importantly for our purposes, the key components to an effective behavioral
program that have been identified are:

In most behavioral programs, ‘barriers to quitting’ do not include the major psychological factors which account for relapses, especially after more than a year (the cut off measurement period for the above claimed success rates).