Chronic Back Pain Relief With Simple Exercises

Exercise is very good for you, as as you no doubt already understand, but it’s particularly powerful for back pain treatment, providing you adopt some simple instructions, and practice the safe exercises. Here’s some easygoing and effective examples that will probably help relieve back pain and offer some appreciated chronic back pain relief:

Shift and lift: The “shift and lift” is a very simple exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles of your lower back and buttocks (in particular) while sitting down. Even though this is something that you can do while sat at your desk, because of the process of the ‘lifting’ element of the exercise, I would suggest that you don’t do this if your peers are watching you, for example. It might make them think there is something wrong with you!

All The Same, this is a great exercise for preventing stiff or aching muscles that might arise from sitting in the same position for long periods of time, and it will help strengthen those muscles too!

Start off by sitting down in a comfortable but upright chair, relax and then clench the muscle in one buttock and hold for a couple of seconds, lifting your glute slightly as you do so. Relax and rest for 1 or 2 seconds and then do it again. Do this 15-20 repetitions on each buttock.

Hip sway: This is useful exercise to do if you have to stand up for any length of time, as it relieves the tautness in your legs and lower back and stimulates the circulation within your legs, hips and back. It also helps to avoid getting the lower back pain that some people suffer with if they are required to stand up for any length of time.

Start from a standing position, completely relax your right knee, and at the same time pushing your left hip out to the side. Pull the hip back in again, and repeat the same action 15-20 times. After that, let you left knee completely relax, and force your right hip out in the same fashion.

Lifting: This exercise needs a bag – a supermarket carrier bag, or anything else with extended handles for lifting will be fine. Hold something heavy in the bag – again, it is fairly irrelevant exactly what it is, providing it is at least a 3 or 4 kilos (drinks bottles are perfect for this, because a liter bottle of water weighs almost exactly a kilo).

Keeping your arm straight down the side of your body, bend your knees until the weight in the bag reaches the floor and then lift the bag by straightening you legs. When you get back up straight, hold the upright position for a few seconds, and then bend your knees to touch the bag down again.

Repeat this for at least 15 times for one side of your body, and then repeat on the other side. By doing it properly, keeping your back straight and bending at your knees – this is a very good way for strengthening the lower back, glutes and hips, and an added bonus is that it will help tone your arms and legs, and offer some degree of chronic back pain relief.

Give us a shrug: This is an exercise that as well as keeping your lower back in great shape, it is also a great way of releasing the stress that builds across the back of your shoulders. It’s also very good for toning your arms and shoulder muscles. It can also be done in either a standing or a sitting position.

For the starting postiion, simply shrug your shoulders as close to your ears as you can, then extend your arms sideways from your body until they are parallel to the ground and turn your palms so they face outward. Finally, lean your head to one side then hold that final position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and do it all over again, but this time, tilt your head to the opposite side.